The Journey

Home Building Journey With Morning Star Construction

Whether this is your first time building a custom home/renovation or your fifth, the best advice we can offer to anyone considering this adventure is to have fun and enjoy the journey. A construction project like yours takes time, effort and focus. With a hard working, talented construction team on your side the building experience should be satisfying and rewarding, resulting in the realization of your dreams come true.

Your building plans are the first and one of the most important parts of the construction process. As many of you know you can purchase home plans over the Internet now, or hire an architect or have a draftsman prepare your plans. Remember in certain coastal areas plans must be sealed by a registered architects and/or a structural engineer. Morning Star Construction has a working relationship with several architects, engineers and draftsman and depending upon the current status of your plan, whether it is only a dream or actually committed to paper, We can help you finalize these plans.

What Morning Star Construction can do for you?

We suggest you evaluate Morning Star Construction on our character, integrity, reputation, experience and knowledge in the construction business. Please come and sit down with our team and I think you’ll find honest upfront people who are passionate about their ability to turn your dream into reality. Morning Star Construction has a creative team who are capable of helping you realize your vision and keeping you involved throughout the entire process. We have experienced carpenters and craftsmen who will be working on your home from foundation to turning the key. We have a large list of references: clients, suppliers, subcontractors and financial institution, you can request the list at any time. We have an established record for completing homes on time and within the established budget and a long professional working relationship with the state, county and town governments/officials.

We at Morning Star Construction are proud of our ability to lead your talented team through the building journey. The hardworking team involved in the process consists of YOU, architects/engineers, Morning Star Construction, your state, county and town governments, the suppliers, and sub contractors. We are committed to working with YOU and all team members. We are committed to the management of all project details, careful attention to your budget and the completion of your DREAM. We know you will be another satisfied customer if you FOLLOW THE STAR.